. . ”Can we go back, 
go back to the start.” . . 

Omfg, I can’t STOP hearing this song! I mean isn’t that epic? + I can’t stay away from making SPN video’s and I’m not sorry for this. I’m so in love with SPN! + At the ones who have seen it already, I had to change it a bit because I haven saved the Data of the project so it looks a very little bit different now. (I had saved but I deleted it after I rendered the video, its a stupid mistake that I will never do again.) Anyway hope you like it because of that. 

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. . ”Cause nothing else matters
But this moment here with you.” . . 

I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! And the Stelena feels and these scenes omg, I can’t, these reminded me how much I shipped them in the first season till season 3. For me, these 2 are long gone and over but these scenes just breathtaking.

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. .”I don’t really know where
the world is, I miss you now.” . . 

This video was 1 of my old videos and as I found Moonlight in HD I was so HAPPY like never before, really. I’m so thrilled about the good quality and I needed to re-new this video. I DO LOVE MICK & BETH VERY MUCH! Wish it gives an season 2 but well, hate that good series got cancelled and bad series not.

Thank you for Retweet: Sophia Myles: 24.09.2014
Never forget this day! 1 of my best Birthday’s ever!

+ everyone whos wonder why on this date & because of the video is uploaded later, it was before on a different channel.

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Love this Sammy version so much! Jareds acting is awesome in this way! & the song, no words. My very first video about Sam. Hope you like it!

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. . ” I don’t care if heaven won’t take me back.
I’ll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe.
Don’t you know you’re everything I have?” . . 

Destiel ;) x3

OMFG! You all have no idea how happy I am that I could finish this video! I wanted this since 2 years and finally it happens. I’m so damn deep in LOVE with this song. I can’t say enough how much I LOVE Destiel (not in the way that most people ship but sometimes I ship them in that way too because these 2 actually really HOT together that must be tell.) But I adore Destiels friendship so, so much, they are my little hard crush on SPN. 

+ This is my very first Destiel video. 

Hope you like it.- I prefer to watch in HD!

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I really beginning to ship these 2 hard! They make my heart beating. These 2 have so much chemistry (+ I do ship him w/Rebekah too.) but Cami & Marcel are so lovely! Like them more as Cami & Klaus to be honest (I do ship these 2 also.)

I dedicate this video to: The awesome, epic 1 of the reason why I do vidding to: Victoria666100! And without her, I wouldn’t had make this because this song is a part also from her OSCAR COLLAB about TVD & TO! And it has inspire me to make this Camcel video. Go & watch this, its epic! 

Oscar Collab: 


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Elena didn’t shed a tear for Stefan


Damon wanting everyone back


Caroline snapping Luke’s neck


Bad ass Mama Forbes


Stexi and Dalaric




Gas leak + Delena on a suicide mission = Mystic Grill


Julian,Markos and the travelers are dead


Lexi dying as a…

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Here you have..

Sensitive Stelena shippers..


Passionate Delena shippers..


Casual Forwood shippers..


Patient Bamon shippers..


Sexually frustrated Datherine and Steferine shippers..


Loyal Defan shippers..


Fans who only want to see their ship in the…

The day when Julie Plec comes face to face with the fandoms of TVD